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Weblog-Technology as a Trigger to Elicit Passion for Knowledge


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Kaiser, Stephan ; Müller-Seitz, Gordon ; Pereira Lopes, Miguel ; Pina E Cunha, Miguel:
Weblog-Technology as a Trigger to Elicit Passion for Knowledge.
In: Organization : the critical journal of organization, theory and society. 14 (2007) 3. - S. 391-412.
ISSN 1350-5084


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The practice of Weblogging as a new social and technological phenomenon in society and business is gaining a growing number of supporters. In short, a Weblog is a website where individual thoughts are publicly displayed in the form of a diary. In this paper, we seek to illustrate the impact of Weblog technology on people's passion for knowledge. We start from the assumption that successful knowledge management requires the engagement of people in knowledge-related practices. We introduce a famous agglomeration of Weblogs that deal with the development of a commercial software. Based on an exploratory study, we suggest that the specific features and character of this novel technology have an impact upon the passion for voluntary knowledge work, which is triggered by experiences of flow states, as well as extrinsic stimuli. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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