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Screening Faith: Catholics on TV


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Fuchs, John Andreas:
Screening Faith: Catholics on TV.
In: Hertlein, Saskia ; Schnackertz, Hermann Josef (Hrsg.): The Culture of Catholicism in the United States. - Heidelberg : Winter, 2012. - S. 213-236. - (American Studies ; 213)
ISBN 978-3-8253-5938-6


According to Colleen McDannell, Catholicism stands above all other religions for the film and TV audience because it seems to be the most mystical and the most easily recognizable of all religious creeds; however, it is also the most criticized and suspicious denomination. Since Catholics star on the big screen, as well as on the flat screen in American homes, it is useful to have a close look at the different depictions of Catholicism and their criticism by institutions. Using examples from movies such as Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino as well as TV series such as Ally McBeal, Bones, The West Wing and The Simpsons, this article discusses the fascination with Catholicism on the screen and argues that even depictions seen as negative by the Catholic League do not necessarily harm Catholicism.

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Schlagwörter:Anti-Catholicism in U.S.; American Catholicism; American History; American Literature; American Studies; Catholic Studies; Cultural History;
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