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Cue type affects preparatory influences on task inhibition


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Gade, Miriam ; Koch, Iring:
Cue type affects preparatory influences on task inhibition.
In: Acta Psychologica : international journal of psychonomics. 148 (2014). - S. 12-18.
ISSN 0001-6918


Link zum Volltext (externe URL): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S...


The present study investigates the influence of preparation on inhibitory effects in cued task switching. In three experiments, we assessed n − 2 repetition costs as marker of inhibition of the just executed and now irrelevant task by comparing performance in task sequences such as ABA (i.e., n − 2 repetitions, with A, B and C standing for different tasks) to task sequences such as CBA (i.e., n − 2 switches). Specifically, we varied the cue–target interval (CTI) to examine cue-based preparation effects. In addition, we manipulated cue type (i.e., abstract, verbal, and direct cues) across the three experiments. We obtained significant reductions of n − 2 repetition costs with prolonged CTI when using abstract cues (i.e., coloured frames) and task names (i.e., digit), but not when using the task-specific stimulus–response mapping as cue for the upcoming task. These data suggest that cue-based preparation is not a uniform process but depends on the information provided by the cue.

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Schlagwörter:Cue type, Inhibition, preparation, Task switching
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