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The city as world-place : transterritorial flows and territorial order in a Nuremberg neighbourhood


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Boeckler, Marc ; Berndt, Christian:
The city as world-place : transterritorial flows and territorial order in a Nuremberg neighbourhood.
In: Environment and planning. A, Economy and space. 39 (2007) 7. - S. 1545-1563.
ISSN 0308-518X ; 1472-3409


Approaching struggles for political representation through a perspective of ‘methodological transterritorialism’, we seek to make sense of recent developments evolving around a territorialised urban neighbourhood. Werderau, a garden suburb founded by a mechanical engineering company at the beginning of the 20th century, enjoyed relative protection from globalising frictions and struggles until the ‘world-in-motion’ suddenly penetrated the community a few years ago. We begin by charting the production of the bounded settlement as a site of alternate social ordering at a time of hyperindustrialisation and its imaginary role as a territorial heterotopia, symbolising order in a seemingly chaotic urban world. Turning to the owner’s decision to sell the neighbourhood in 1998, we then argue that long-term inhabitants discursively frame the events following the decision as ‘transterritorial pollution’ of their bounded community, reflected in the commodification of their neighbourhood and in an ‘invasion’ of non-German home-owners. After discussing how longer term residents attempt to restabilise their identities by taking up a xenophobic discourse, we conclude by criticising policymakers for responding solely in a territorial logic and for one-sidedly taking up the discourse advanced by long-term residents. Instead, we advance a utopian vision of the city as a worldly site where people live under conditions of ‘transcultural Gleich-Gültigkeit' in the double meaning of the German term: understood as being ‘indifferent’ towards the proximate other as well as referring to equality and equal rights.

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