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Retreating ice: research in proglacial areas matters


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Heckmann, Tobias ; McColl, Samuel Thomas ; Morche, David:
Retreating ice: research in proglacial areas matters.
In: Earth surface processes and landforms : the journal of the British Geomorphological Research Group. Bd. 41 (2016) Heft 2. - S. 271-276.
ISSN 0197-9337 ; 1096-9837


Link zum Volltext (externe URL): https://doi.org/10.1002/esp.3858


Glacier forefields are landscapes in transition from glacial to non-glacial conditions; this implies intense geomorphic, hydrological and ecological dynamics with important on- and off-site effects. This special issue collects 13 papers covering recent research in both (sub-)polar and alpine proglacial environments that focus on (i) proglacial sediment sources, (ii) proglacial rivers, (iii) proglacial lakes, (iv) ground water and ice, and (v) the development of soil and vegetation in its interplay with morphodynamics. Advances in mapping, surveying and geophysical techniques form the basis for research perspectives related to the historical evolution of proglacial areas, the understanding of complex interactions of multiple processes, and the effects of continued glacier recession.

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